Providing first aid courses covering the content recommended by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) .


Emergency First Aid at Work – £80

This course is 6 hours, it is a basic first aid course suitable for an appointed person within the workplace. The course covers basic life saving and other emergency situations.


First Aid at Work – £180

An 18 hour course held over 3 days, it is suitable for anyone looking for a more involved level of knowledge of first aid. It is also suitable for a nominated first aider within the workplace. The course covers a variety of topics including CPR, choking and other common workplace injuries.


Sports First Aid – £80

This course is 6 hours, it is suitable for anyone involved in sporting situations including those coaching, parents watching on the side line or medical staff. The course covers emergency situations such as CPR, spinal injuries, soft tissue injuries, bleeding, fractures and dislocations.


First Aid at Work Requalification – £120

A 12 hour course held over 2 days, it is suitable for anyone who holds current First Aid at Work certificate that is due to expire. One the certificate expires a full 18 hour course is required to requalify. This course covers the same content as the First Aid at Work course just condensed into 2 days.


Paediatric First Aid – £120

A 12 hour course that is held over 2 days and is suitable for those working with young children. This course can be completed as a Blended course requiring online learning before the course or as a 100% classroom course. The course covers emergency paediatric life saving and administering emergency first aid for chronic illnesses such as sickle cell and febrile convulsions.


Discounted prices can be discussed if you would like to hold one of these courses in your workplace and with group bookings.


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