Initial Examination and Assessment

In the initial appointment a full examination and assessment will be carried out. It will start with an in depth discussion about the injury followed up by a thorough physical assessment. From this an initial diagnosis and plan can be made for treatment and rehabilitation. During the treatment you will be continually reassessed to ensure treatment is moving in a positive direction. Usually 60 minutes needs to be allowed for this session.


Injury Treatment

Treatment is very specific to each individual, it includes a variety of pain management techniques and rehabilitation to get you back to the pre-injury state in the shortest time.

Possible treatment options

  • Acupuncture
  • Sports Massage
  • Soft-tissue techniques – METs and PNF stretching, myofascial release and specific soft tissue mobilisations
  • Taping
  • Peripheral and Spinal mobilisations
  • Rehabilitation Exercises


Sports Massage

Sports massage can be used alongside other treatments or on its own, it can also be used pre and post sporting events. Some of the benefits of sports massage are

  • Relieve tension by stretching and mobilising the tissues
  • Decrease and breakdown scar tissue
  • Pain relief and increase in flexibility in muscles









Pitch Side/Event First Aid

I offer pitch side first aid for sporting events. As a pre-requisite to become a member of the Society of Sports Therapists you must have a current and valid first aid qualification. For more information feel free to contact me.


Musculoskeletal Screening/Functional Testing

The use of pre-season screening is to identify any possible injuries and provide rehabilitation programmes can be made up for individual players. It is ideally done 8-12 weeks before the start of the season to allow time for the changes to take place.

Event Massage

Holding a sports event? In need of qualified sports masseurs for an event, get in contact for more details.